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Incredibly high quality Oxygen Builder templates and Components

A growing library of corporate websites, landing pages, cheatsheats, and components for the Oxygen Builder. Made to simplify your workflow.

Oxidize + Oxygen = 😍

Learn why Oxidize is the perfect companion to Oxygen. Quicker development, better components, professional templates, and more.
Oxidize Benifits

Boost Your Development Workflow

A quick and simple way to make prettier websites, quicker.

Prebuilt Websites, Pages and Parts

Quality pre made elements, templates, design kits and components for the Oxygen Builder. Create mockups and concepts in a matter of minutes, not hours. Save time and money.

Created 100% In House

Built by the Isotropic Agency, parent of Oxidize, these templates are created to the same standards that our clients have come to know. Incredibly high quality design, created by a professional Oxygen Builder agency.

Completely Responsive and Incredibly Fast

Works on every single device, every single time.
We're also the guys behind SpeedOpp, so you know that these templates will be quick. Carefully balancing speed, looks, and functionality

Native To Oxygen

Made to work with the most recent Oxygen Builder Version (currently 3.7), these templates have no dependencies or requirements. Simply install and get building!

Super Easy To Integrate

It takes only 10 minutes. Simply grab a license key, install our recipient plugin, and import them into the native design library feature that ships with Oxygen.
You can also generate shortcodes and paste them directly into your page. Whatever works for you!
We use a custom version of Asura to license and sell design templates.

Buy A License Key

Find a kit you live, and grab a license key. It'll be emailed to you, and accessible in your Oxidize Account forever.

Install The Oxidize Connector

Install this plugin on your Oxygen site, which makes it easy to install Oxidize Templates and automatically get updates.

Import Your Set

Import your set and use like standard design kits. Native integration, unlimited use!

To Many Pros To List

Most of these sets are adapted from our private design library, crafted over the years of using Oxygen as a professional agency.

Lifetime Updates

As we improve and change templates, you get the updates automatically -- for life.

Lifetime Access

Access and use your templates for life, in true Oxygen fashion. Unlimited installations, too.

Support and docs

Get 3 months of email support to get you going, and a detailed documentation.

Our Ear

Let us know what you want, and if it makes sense, we'll build it for our community.

Built By The Same Team Behind Isotropic Design

Oxidize is Isotropic. We're a professional WordPress agency headed by James LePage that uses Oxygen Builder to create high-end custom websites. We're taking our skills, private templates, and drive to create Oxidize, a template and plugin offering specifically for Oxygen.

You may have also seen some of our Oxygen Builder tutorials on Google or Facebook. We publish a ton of helpful content -- Check it out!

Hey! Do you create?

If you're an Oxygen Creator, we'll buy complete templates off you if they meet our quality standards. We want to grow to offer solutions for all industries! Please get in touch if you're interested. 
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