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Be A Part Of Oxidize's Success

A few ways to get involved in both Oxidize and Isotropic Design.

The Creator Program

A program for those looking to monetize their Oxygen Creations. We will buy your the exclusive IP rights to your well-developed template set for a large upfront price, or work out a licensing agreement (you keep a percentage of every sale). We're looking to grow our portfolio of offerings via acquisition.

Get a cash payment

We'll pay you to acquire ownership of a well built Oxygen template. Currently, we're on the hunt for WooCommerce and restaurant stuff.

This would be a negotiated single time payment.

List your template on Oxidize

Retain complete ownership, and list your template on Oxidize exclusively. We'll take a small cut when somebody buys your work.

Leverage our rapidly growing affiliate program, paid advertising campaigns, and enthusiastic community.

Leave at any time. We may also buy you out if interested.
If you want to create a template for us, reach out, and we'll send you our guidelines, and give you access to some helper tools.
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Job Openings

Templates are only the beginning. We're looking to grow far and fast, and to do that, we need to make new, innovative products. We're looking to hire those with that same drive.
WordPress Plugin Developer
Know how to build killer plugins? Get in touch. We're creating plugins built specifically for the Oxygen Builder.
Content Creator
You'll get as much work as you can handle, and get published on and (combined 60k monthly visitors).
Other WordPress Professional
Can you build Oxygen templates for us? Bring good vibes? Augment the team at Isotropic?
Build Your Own Position
Want to help us grow? If you bring value, in any capacity, we want to work with you.
If you think that you can help us, feel free to get in touch!
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